Jetlag sets in

New York

We’d had a pretty full on couple of days when we arrived so the rest of our first week was spent exploring small areas of the city. I absolutely love East Village and it’s somewhere we’ve been spending a lot of time. To live there would be a dream but it would also mean I would go bankrupt. You win some you lose some. Our first day in East Village consisted of bagels and St Marks Place. If you haven’t heard of St Marks Place it’s a street filled with punk stores, tattoo shops, awesome bars and food places – my idea of heaven pretty much. IMG_1907 We also walked around the south of Central Park, it was absolutely mind numbingly cold but so beautiful. There were colourful fall leaves everywhere, all kinds of buskers, squirrels and it was just amazing. The highlight for me was seeing Strawberry Fields the John Lennon memorial. There was someone playing Imagine at the time which made it so much better. IMG_1908 IMG_1910 IMG_1917IMG_1931 Our first week also consisted of our first American party. ‘MURICA! Well party of a New Zealander, living in Brooklyn and there were Americans there. But it was awesome! It felt good to be out meeting people when we are so far from home. It was ugly sweater themed hence the hideous attire below. We found the sweaters at a Williamsburg thrift store for $5, bargain! We met some cool Americans and some not so cool. But what was cool was the Popeye’s Chicken we walked like 10 extra blocks to get on the way home. Now that is some seriously tasty fried chicken.


We also got to do some responsible activities such as laundry and open bank accounts. Weeeell we didn’t really do the laundry we gave it to a little Asian lady and a couple hours later it came back to us pressed and folding to perfection, smelling amazing. Opening bank accounts was a nightmare. It shouldn’t have been, but just as he’d entered all my information the computer froze and wiped it – twice! This happened at closing time too so we had to catch the subway aaaall the way back and do it all over again the next day. But we got there in the end. Americans, well New Yorkers at least don’t seem to pronounce their ‘g’s. For example, at the bank, Fernando (our personal banker) was going over the types of accounts they have and was like “So we have your everyday checkin’ and your savin’s account”. Ahh to have the elegance of an American accent and not this kiwi one that has caused me all kinds of grief.  Seriously I don’t say Steph that different to you. MY NAME IS NOT STEVE. Anyways that’s it for Week One. Here’s photo of me enjoying a bagel. xx IMG_1944


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