First American Interview

New York

IMG_1869This is kind of a word heavy post, sorry guys!

While giving away my soul to Craigslist in order to find a job, I came across a job opening for the aforementioned H&M. It was an open call which is massive over here as there are so many desperate people looking for work. I decided to go along and try it out. Turns out it was at a recruitment agency who had been hired to find employees for a bunch of different retail stores. There must have been 30+ people there and I felt majorly underdressed. On the ad it said “dress to H&M culture”, so I dressed trendy as fuck basically. When I got there most of the people interviewing were in professional business attire. So it made me stick out, which I guess was in my favour. They took us all into a room, we handed our resumes over and they began explaining how this was going to work. We got split up in to rows and it worked out there were about 6 rows. The guy running the interview asked each row a question and EACH person in the row had to answer it. My rows question was “What do you think is good customer service?” As soon as I heard that, I was like I got this. I’ve been rambling on about what good customer service is on cover letters for years. So I was confident. I put my hand up first, he asked my name, and I replied with “Steph”, that was my first mistake. I got to the end of my response and he says “Steve was it?” Strike One. ‘No, Steph as in Stephanie” I awkwardly laughed like I do and said “Sorry it’s my accent, makes it hard to understand”. He smiled and said “Yeah what accent is that? New Jersey?” WHAT! Strike two AND three. I’m not even from here and I know that’s an insult. “Haha noo, New Zealand” and then the room erupted with laughter.

But I digress, the interview went on in that format, we then got asked what we thought was our one biggest strength. Mine? My positive attitude. Just feeding them what they wanna hear. It went round the room, again with EACH person answering. By the end the room could hardly contain all the big egos. The inerview took 3 HOURS! I know I’m unemployed but ain’t nobody got time for that! (I hope you’re reading this Jamie).

I didn’t get a job at H&M (boo no staff discount) but they then put me forward to interview with the hiring manager of The Gap. So after a 3 hour interview I then went into yet another big group interview. She started explaining the roles available and the availability needed. She told us that if it doesn’t sound like us we are free to walk out, then telling us we will be in the store till 1am. I walked out. If this were for a job in what I have studied for, I would have no problem. But retail? No.

After that long and drawn out process I needed to console myself with food. Luckily, Shake Shack was right around the corner. I’m not sure if you guys have heard of this place but it is delish. They have amazing burgers and to die for shakes. They are also one of the only places in New York that have a half decent bathroom. What you are meant to do in this city when you are out and need to do your business I have no idea. A rant on this will be coming in a later post!

I did hear back regarding this painful interview though. Watch this space.


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