Week 2 – The job hunt begins

New York

This week reality set in and I decided to dedicate my life to finding a job. I need to feel inspired to start job hunting though so we headed to East Village to find a somewhere to hang out for the day. We found this place nestled away down a quiet street, a lot different to the hustle and bustle of Starbucks. We walked in and there was just one guy working and cool looking people scattered around reading or on their laptops. I ordered a hot chocolate and the guy asked if I anted it with dark chocolate almond milk, I’d never heard of it but thought YOLO and went for it. It was disgusting. The guy had told me if I don’t like it to take it back and he’ll make me one with regular milk. As a New Zealander, or maybe it’s not even that, but I hate complaining and causing a scene. New York will soon kick that out of me though, you’ve got to speak up here. Once at a café in New Plymouth I ordered a salad, as I was going through the lettuce I saw a snail, just chillin. The friend I was with (also a New Zealander) was disgusted and forcing me to go and complain. My response? “At least it shows how fresh the lettuce is”. ANYWAY, back to the story at hand! I went back to the counter and asked if he could make it with regular milk and he did. The tipping culture is not imbedded in my brain yet, it’s taking some getting used to. So when I went to pay, the guy said it was $2, that was all I gave him and left. It wasn’t until after that I realised what a bitch I had been to make him make me these two different drinks and not even give him anything in return!

We had the privilege of being introduced to a new friend this week. A loyal friend who is always there for us in times of need. Goodbye Blue Monday’s – our new local bar. It’s an awesome little dive bar in Bushwick that you can easily miss from the street. They have amazing food and cheap drinks. Personally I think they have the best grilled cheese this side of the Mississippi. The night we went it was Open Mic Night. There were some talented people and some just straight up crazy. This is now one of our favourite hang outs.

Most things are done in cash over here, apparently it’s for business to avoid tax. It is taking a while to get used to because in NZ I never carried cash but its cool at the same time. Because we were living the unemployed life we were making the most of cheap beer and free things. So this week we went and walked The Highline which is in Chelsea. It’s a walkway that runs along an old train line on top of the buildings. It had amazing views of Chelsea and was so rad what they had done to incorporate the old train line. IMG_1947IMG_1948 From Chelsea we walked up to Midtown to see The Empire State Building. I had ditched Will to go shopping at H&M, hours passed and suddenly it was dark. Walking up 5th Ave towards The Empire State Building was incredible. It was all lit up and the trees that lined the streets were covered in fairy lights getting ready for Christmas. Thank you to my male model below.



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