Apartment Hunting

New York

The weekend was filled with all kinds of fun and then apartment hunting. Seeing as we only had a week left at our Air Bnb accommodation, we thought we better get out there and see what real estate NY had to offer. It was.. interesting. Nobody wants to live with a couple, no matter how awesome we are. On Saturday we went and looked at two apartments. They were advertised on Craigslist as people renting a room out in their house. Just like Flatmates Wanted on TradeMe, but when we get there? Empty apartment. Turns out agents had advertised each of the rooms separately rather than as a whole apartment to rent. The rooms were lovely and cheap and of course too good to be true.


Because we aren’t American we can’t get a credit check over here which for going into an empty apartment you need over here. At first the agent would tell us it was ok just to provide bank statements of savings, as we didn’t have jobs either. But when we went to their office to sign papers, their story would change. Because we didn’t have jobs they wanted like a million dollars in security deposits. Well not a million, but like 4 grand. Obviously we couldn’t afford to have this much tied up and weren’t willing to sell ourselves on the black market to get the money, they wouldn’t give us the room. This happened twice.

IMG_1975 I find it hilarious dealing with real estate agents over here. They give you these ridiculous demands and conditions then when you turn them down and go to walk away, they start using scare tactics. For example, when we were at the office and they were asking for 4 grand we were just like oh don’t worry about it, we will just look to sublet a room. A switch flicked and they just turned on us. Before, they were lovely and wanting to do all they could to help us as long as we paid. Now they were all “Oh I wouldn’t do that, it’s your funeral”. Telling us they’d heard horror stories where people had subletted a room, moved all their stuff in, come home and the police are there with the house locked up and you can’t get in. Okay buddy, i’m sure stuff like this HAS happened but way to start with the extreme. I’ll take your scare tactic and raise you one slammed door in the face. You ain’t getting my money fool!


We viewed some nice sublet rooms though and have managed to get something sorted. So photos to come when we move in at the beginning of the month. Rent works from month to month over here, which I hate. Budgeting money to pay in one lump sum at the beginning of the month? Argh. When discussing rent with our new roommates, we mentioned that in New Zealand rent works week to week. It blew their mind. What they replied is the funniest thing I have heard an American say yet. “Woah, does New Zealand have a bad economy or something?” Really? This coming from an American.

The joys of going into the homes of crazy people and coming face to face with them. For now we are hopping between temporary accommodation. More to come when we move in!


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