90s parties and Ikea

New York

The second weekend here was busy and filled with trying new things. On Saturday I went to the Hipster Mecca that is Williamsburg and met up with another kiwi lass living over here on the same Visa – Louise. We walked around exploring until we got lured in by happy hour. Happy hour will always get you in the city, I guarantee it. So after bonding over a bottle of wine (the best way to get to know someone) we ended up going to a 90s party at a bar buried away in Brooklyn with some other kiwis. I don’t know what the 90’s were like in America, but that is not how I remember them. Music wise anyways. Although as my friend Matt said what was in the 90s for America probably didn’t get to New Zealand until the early 2000s. It hurt. But I was impressed with his knowledge of how far behind New Zealand is with stuff like that.


Me looking super impressed in my 90s outfit. Long live washed out denim!

What was also strange about this party was the DJ. If you watch Nevermind The Buzzcocks, picture Phil Jupitus, standing there, just pushing buttons. That’s it. That’s all he was doing with the occasional finger point to the crowd. Who, FYI, were loving him and tipping him. Again, he was just standing there and could have just pressed play on playlist for all I know. Now, personally, I have always thought I would make a great DJ. So if that was me, I would have been raking in the dollar bills! Especially because I am all about the 90s.

On Sunday, we decided we would go and check out the legend that is, Ikea. Our Air Bnb hosts had told us so much about it and had told us to go in the morning and don’t eat before we leave. Intriguing. We got up early and man was I was pumped! Home ware shopping and food? I am all about that. If they’d told me all they play is 90s music, I probably wouldn’t have slept the night before due to sheer excitement. We had to catch a train and then a special Ikea ferry to get there.


Before going inside

When you walk in the doors you ride the escalator up and you can either go to the cafeteria or straight into the store. Now, as we hadn’t eaten like we’d been informed not to, we were starving. So we ate first. This was a mistake because Ikea is massive. Like it could be it’s own town, and the manager is the mayor kind of massive. So I got tired soon into the journey around the store. The food was ok, unfortunately because we got there after 11am we had missed out on the $1 breakfasts. $1 breakfast?! Ludicrous. Ikea had some really nice things, and if you are a young professional or just employed actually, it would be cheap stuff. But for two unemployed travellers, this shit was expensive! I found this out within the first 10 minutes. However, it takes you like 2 hours to get out, it’s like a maze with no shortcuts. So it was 2 hours of constant reminders of how poor I am and sleepyness when my full belly set in.


On the ferry home after Ikea

It made it all worth while though when I got to the end and they had $1 ice creams. Ice cream makes everything better. Always.


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