Second Job Interview

New York

Remember the 3 hour interview I told you about earlier? Well I got an email a couple of days later saying I have an interview for another clothing store at 11am Monday. Not, would you like to interview. You HAVE an interview. Anyways I went along and ended up getting the job! I’m pretty sure having an accent helped because everyone’s jaw dropped as soon as I spoke. That was fun. So I got the job, went to orientation, 3 days in – I quit. Retail is not for me. Especially when my first day on the sales floor was going to be on Black Friday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and the equivalent of Boxing Day sales back home. Except over here during the sales people die and get injured. That was not going to be me. Oh and my bag got broken into on the first day. So yeah, the job hunt continues.

photo (1)

All set for my first day

Also in recent news, I applied for a social security number. Longest process of my life I tell ya! There are hundreds of people in the office and the line goes out the door. You take a number and while you wait for you number to be called you have to fill out a form. Once your number has been called you go to a window  for all of 5 seconds and then you have to wait again for your name to be called. For a 5 minute job, I was there for over 2 hours. But I have a social security number now!

Our third week here was filled with taking advantage of all the cheap shows and things to do in this city. Monday: Chet Faker. Tuesday: The Mowglis. Wednesday: Q Tip. Friday: College Basketball Championship. Sunday: Six60. Posts will be coming on some of these later on!


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