New York

On Thursday November 28th we got to experience a holiday, truly unique to America. Thanksgiving. We had planned to spend Thanksgiving with our American friends Mike and Armyy as well as kiwi girl Jackie. By now we were living in a new neighbourhood at a place we had found on Air Bnb. As long as hosts are regularly checking their e-mails you can book into an Air Bnb place on the same day you book it. Which we did as we were cutting it fine. So we stayed in Greenpoint for a week, which was such a cool little place. It was close to Williamsburg and a short commute to Manhattan. There were bars and food places everywhere and was always buzzing with activity. The place we stayed was a massive room and extremely warm which is all two freezing kiwis can ask for!unnamedEvery Thanksgiving there is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade which is a huge deal over here. They have giant balloons, bands and performances, it goes for miles. We had planned to head the parade which was in Manhttan from Greenpoint early in the morning. We had read that you need to get there at like 6am if you want to see anything. So I set my alarm for 5am. We woke up 9am, oversleeping by 4 hours! Lucky or us it was televised, so caught all the action. I want to try and go to the actual thing next year though. Quick tangent, the day before Thanksgiving we headed into Manhattan and ended up at Grand Central Station. Do not do that the day before Thanksgiving. I repeat, DO NOT do that the day before Thanksgiving. It was absolute chaos. Chaos consisting of New Yorkers freaking out they weren’t going to make it home in time for Turkey Day. IMG_2149 After watching the parade on TV we headed over to Mike and Armyy’s house to start the festivities. I helped Mike in the kitchen to prepare all the food. We had Turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, peas, corn and gravy. Delish! I feel a theme coming along, like most of my posts are going to revolve around food. Anyways, we also had these things that Americans call biscuits but to me they were a cross between a croissant and a scone. Tasty none the less but we had them with the Turkey etc. IMG_2159 It was a great day filled with too much food, watching Black Fish and playing Sephora themed Monopoly. Part way through our feasting we decided we’d head to the Black Friday Sales at midnight just to experience the madness. So after winning Monopoly (I kicked ass btw) we headed off to a mall in Queens in the freezing cold (the cold is another reoccurring theme of mine, apologies).


Black Friday was everything I had hoped. I didn’t buy much, but I did get to see one human being throw a chair at another human being. Black Friday = experienced!


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