Life of Leisure a.k.a Unemployment


Still unemployed and applying for 10+ jobs a day! While my self esteem gets battered from no one wanting to employ me, I have been exploring, moving and going to famous NY traditions!

We’ve moved into an apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn with 8 people and others coming and going all the time. It’s so nice having our own space and not living out of a suitcase. We couldn’t get our bed until the day after we moved in so we used our room mates airbed. Quite frankly, I wish I slept on the floor. It was one of those airbeds that are massive and is like having a bed base as well. Quickly deflating, things turned deadly. Each time one of us moved the other would end up rolling down to a corner of the bed and getting stuck against the wall, unable to get out. We came to an agreement that once we had found a comfortable position we wouldn’t move because if we did, the other would suffocate. After a torturous first nights sleep in the new apartment we got our new bed! It is divine. Way to comfortable which means I sleep way too much.


On December 4th we went to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting which is a famous Christmas tradition over here. They have performances leading up to the lighting and it is all televised. Have you ever wondered “I wonder what Ashanti is up to these days” or “I haven’t heard anything from Jewel in a while”. Well it appears they have been rehearsing vigorously to lip sync at the Rockefeller Christmas Lighting. Leona Lewis, Mary J Blige and Mariah Carey were also in attendance, passionately miming to cheesy Christmas carols. Just like the parade you need to get their hours in advance to get a decent seat. We got there at 7pm and were in the mass herd getting ushered around by NYPD. The tree was miles away from where we were but they had a screen showing everything that was happening however no speakers. It was a fun atmosphere, we just didn’t get to see the tree because after the lighting NYPD shut the whole area down.

IMG_2205 IMG_2209 IMG_2211

We went back the next day and got to walk straight to the tree. Once this had finished we weren’t ready to go home because there was such a great feeling in the city. We wandered round looking at all the Christmas lights and chowing down on cupcakes.

IMG_2239 IMG_2244


At the Rockefeller Center they also have the NBC Experience store where they sell merchandise for all NBC shows including The Office, Friends, Parks and Rec and Seinfeld. I was in heaven. Being the massive NBC nerd that I am, I of course applied for a job *fingers crossed*. Only after buying this sweet Office shirt though.

photo (2)


After going back to see the tree the second night, we also went to see the ‘Love’ sculpture by artist Robert Indiana. It was awesome, I loved seeing it, especially with all the Christmas lights around.


Until next time.



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