New York Public Bathrooms

New York

Where to begin. I think I have been extremely spoilt with New Zealand bathrooms which I now see are luxurious. Your mother always tells you to make sure you’ve gone to the bathroom before you leave the house. I have always remembered this. But not always lived by it, as it is very easy to find a bathroom when you are out. In New Zealand anyways. On our first day the first public bathroom I went into was at the giant M&M store in Times Square so that wasn’t too bad. From then on they went downhill, very downhill.

photo 4


To begin, most places only allow paying customers to use their bathrooms, or rest room as they are known over here. I’m used to this back home but in America it is taken to the extreme (no surprises there). At places like McDonald’s the bathrooms are either guarded by an employee or you have to ask for a key to unlock them. It’s like the god damn amazing race and the grand prize is getting inside a bathroom to pee. I thought using a bathroom was just basic human rights, apparently not.

photo 3

My reaction to a Starbucks Bathroom

Another thing that baffles me, is places over here even big establishments, tend to only have one restroom. With one toilet. For a busy place like Starbucks this creates huge waiting lines and just down right filthy conditions. Starbucks bathrooms in general are so disgusting it makes me gag. For a place like that there should be: A) be more than one bathroom and B) have constant cleaners because it’s just nasty. If there was a 60 Minutes special on someone who caught something or got pregnant from a New York City restroom I would not be surprised.

photo 2

Moral of the story – ALWAYS take your mothers advice and toilet yourself before leaving the house and when you are out store that water like a camel.

Yours Sincerely,

Constantly Busting


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