Greenwich Village

New York

This post comes to you direct from the 24 hour Laundromat 2 blocks from my house, where I have finally got off my lazy ass to do close to 2 weeks’ worth of laundry. The job hunt continues, but on a positive note I did get an interview! It was for a PR Assistant role and I should hear back about that one next week.


Bored at Laundromat

This week I went to explore Greenwich Village. I had heard so much about it and there are a lot of famous spots so I wanted to go check it out. I went to see the apartment that is used as Carrie Bradshaw’s on Sex And The City. Tucked away on Perry St, a beautiful street alone, it was very exciting to see. I had researched the apartment so it was no surprise when I got to the house and the steps leading up to the gorgeous brownstone were chained off. The townhouse recently sold for $9.85 Million…and that’s American Dollars! So I think for that price the owners have bought the right to have some privacy. Not only is the house chained off, you can’t even google map the address to look at. The house has been blurred. Houses either side are visible but not this one. If you want to take pictures they have provided a drop box where they ask you donate money which goes to a charity. I didn’t get any photos, not because of the donation (I’m not that cheap) but because there were a tonne of middle aged woman flaunting around the steps dreaming they were Carrie. The actual Magnolia Bakery that the girls go to on the show is just a few blocks away too. I did get a photo of this.


Just around the corner from Carrie is the Friends gang! I arrived the exact same time as a tour, which was great. It was great because I didn’t stand out like a tourist, but it did mean that I got tourists in my photo as you will see below. I can deal with this, I just wish I at least got their names before they became etched in my life long memories. Being here was amazing though, I know they didn’t shoot here but I am such a huge Friends fan, and this apartment is so iconic.


Greenwich Village is so beautiful and peaceful to walk around. The streets are lined with typical New York Brownstone houses and little clothing boutiques that only socialites can afford. Before it became a place of the rich and the classy, Greenwich Village used to a place filled with struggling artists. Because of this, heaps of cool little hangouts remain. Bleeker Street Records is one of these. However, having been on Bleeker St (a famous NYC street) for 20+ years, they recently were forced to move due to a rent increase. A rent increase which would hike their monthly payment up to $27,000 a month. Again, that’s American dollars. They found another humble abode though not too far away, and their loyal fans followed.



Well that was my time in Greenwich Village and I loved it. I know money doesn’t equal happiness but living in one of those brownstones would.



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