Snowy SantaCon 2013

New York

I’ve lost inspiration lately to write on here as I’ve come down with the flu. Boo. Probably from all the gallivanting around in the snow! Although Willem told me getting sick from the cold is a myth so I have no idea at all why I have the flu.

IMG_4138 IMG_4136

So this weekend Willem, Jackie and I went to the legend that is SantaCon! A pub crawl around the city where everyone dresses up as Santa in all his variations. You know the ones – Fat Santa, Skinny Santa, Slutty Santa, Grumpy Santa and of course Extremely Intoxicated Santa. The whole thing kicked off at 7am on Saturday but we wanted to pace ourselves. I know what you’re thinking, “pace yourselves? Yeah right you’re from Taranaki.” But let me assure you we made up for it later in the day. When we got there the mass of Santa’s had made their way to the last stop on the pub crawl which was a 40,000 sq ft warehouse in Brooklyn. New York is the biggest SantaCon in the world so when we got there the line was insane. Just a sea of Santas. Oh it was also a snow storm, so we waited in line for 30 minutes, in a snow storm.

photo 1 1511104_10153602336365384_39358977_n

Once we finally got inside, I needed to get the feeling back in my toes so started on the wines. Then things got messy. I ghetto danced on stage, bumped my head and a lump still remains, we met new people including a man called Mousachio, an arrogant Californian rabbit and a lovely Australian lady.

photo 2 photo 3

From here we taxied over to Manhattan to an Irish Bar where Jackie’s room mate worked. The night just kept getting messier. Santa’s had their sacks filled with presents which they were handing out to us. We got stickers, so many stickers. And what do you do with stickers when you are drunk? You put them all over your face of course.

photo 5 photo 4

Ahh SantaCon, you made my head hurt but you were fantastic.


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