Christmas and New Year

New York

Hola Amigo’s and a Happy New Year! Apologies for the extreme lack of posts, I appear to have lost all motivation over the holiday period. Well our New York Christmas and New Year have been and gone but they are something I will remember forever. I’ve been able to experience Christmas in both climates because of growing up in England and then moving to New Zealand. Christmas in New York is something else all together. The entire city has a different feel about it in the month of December. It is so festive, with all the stores lit up, Christmas trees lining the streets and Salvation Army workers dancing and ringing bells to Christmas Carols on every corner. I can definitely say I prefer a cold Christmas, it is what Christmas is meant to be. I find it strange that Christmas is in Summer in New Zealand but nobody thought to edit the advertising for the Southern Hemisphere. We still think of snowmen, reindeer and Santa in his big red suit. When reality is, there is no snow if there were the snowmen would melt soon enough, reindeer are nowhere to be seen and if Santa was running from house to house in that big red suit he would be sweating up a storm! A storm I tell ya! Although I prefer the cosy winter Christmas, New Years should always be in summer, no doubt about it. After spending 11 hours standing in -3 degrees in Times Square I can confidently say that.

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Christmas we spent with our friends Matt and Rick and did Secret Santa. We spent Christmas Eve at theirs so we could all wake up and open presents together. The rest of the day was spent lounging, eating and watching TV.

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We decided we would each cook something from our home country, so it was a no brainer that me and Willem would do a hungi in Brooklyn. Where there is plenty of places for us to dig the ground up. Ok jokes and sarcasm aside we actually made roast potatoes and sweet potato, which is pretty much like kumara, sausages wrapped in bacon and egg salad. I wanted to make ambrosia or a pavlova but American supermarkets give me an instant headache and I couldn’t find vital ingredients. Matt is American but his family is Spanish so he made bagels for breakfast, quesadilla’s for lunch and empanadas for dinner. Just like Christmas back home we began drinking with breakfast. It was important we pace ourselves as that night we went ice skating and nobody wants to hear the end of a story that starts with drunken ice skating.

Christmas (3)

Ice Skating is something that you’ve either got it or you don’t.. and I don’t. I was terrible, clinging on to Willem for dear life while he dragged me round the rink. I only fell once but was the cause of other peoples accidents. I’m sure their fine…I hope. It was an incredible experience though, mainly because we did it at Rockefeller Center my favourite building in New York. I love it because of the NBC shows that are filmed there like Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon also 30 Rock is based around the building. If you haven’t watched 30 Rock shame on you! Watch it now, it is amazing. But the Ice Skating rink is a really famous area and you have probably seen numerous photos of it without realising where it was.

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We were then lucky enough to spend NYE in NYC. We had wanted to spend it in Times Square for ages because of what a big event it is, we thought we were in New York so we might as well. I read multiple articles and blog posts on tips for going to Times Square for NYE and it terrified me. You have to be there by noon at the latest. Some lunatics were camped out since the night before. I say lunatics because once you’re in that’s it. If you exit there’s no getting back in. Also once you are in there is no where to buy food or drink and more importantly no bathrooms. Which if you read my previous post on NYC bathrooms should not surprise you. Because of this there was talk all over these articles of people using adult diapers and all sorts of contraptions to get around this problem. I was not going to let this New Years steal my dignity like that. We were prepared, we did not drink anything at all that day and it worked, our bladders did us proud and held it till we got home. We had a big meal before heading in and took small snacks to eat throughout the day.

Processed with VSCOcam with t3 presetWe got to Times Square at about 1pm and all the entrances were quickly getting closed off. When we eventually got in we had an AMAZING spot. Right by the stage, perfect view of the screen and where the ball would drop. But NYPD soon uprooted everyone in that area and sent us 5 blocks back to get security checked. We were in a line for probably 45 minutes waiting to be security checked. If there is one thing I have noticed about New Yorkers, they love a good line. Once we got in it was 4pm so that meant only 8 hours till New Years! The proper show with all the performances kicked off at 6pm so from 4 to 6 we got to listen to the sound check which was pretty cool. There was Icona Pop, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Blondie and Miley Cyrus.

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Throughout the day I sat down on the ground and played Candy Crush with my phone brightness right down to save my battery. The day actually went surprisingly quick, they had countdowns each hour for when midnight hit somewhere in the world and to get us warmed up for the real deal. When midnight came it was all worth it. It was absolutely incredible. Seeing the ball drop, the fireworks and confetti covering Manhattan was like a dream.

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Quick side note about the confetti. Throughout the year you can go to the Times Square Visitors Centre and write down your 2014 wish on a piece of confetti which gets included in the tonne of confetti that drops at midnight.

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New Years has completely messed up my body clock. After 11 hours being vertical, I spent a good 24 hours being horizontal in bed to recover.

Adios for now



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