Rebel Bingo

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An amazing event I went to this week was Rebel Bingo, an underground event that I found thanks to a sponsored Facebook ad. Oh the irony.

photo 5

The description was vague so I had no idea what to expect. All I had was the YouTube Video below to guide me and try and paint a picture in my head. Doors opened at 8, so we got there at about 9 hoping to avoid any lines. Didn’t work. The line went down the block and round the corner. We had the pleasure of waiting in line with some Irish people who were kind enough to share their booze to keep is warm. Also in the line we were talking to Americans who had been to New Zealand and toured the North Island. I love meeting Americans who are clued up on Aotearoa.

photo 2

photo 3

Once we got inside we grabbed our Bingo cards, grabbed some beers and grabbed a spot in the crowd. We were pretty close to the front which later worked out in our (well, my) advantage. They played awesome music to get the crowd dancing and put a countdown on screen to get everyone amped up. When it hit 0, we found out what the night had in store for us. Rules of the game: Pretty much normal Bingo, with adult themed descriptions for the numbers. How you won was a little different though. When you got numbers in a row, either horizontal, vertical or diagonal you must run up to the stage and hug the announcer. The first two people to hug him, battle on stage. And what do ya know? I bloody got Bingo first. I battled my way through the crowd and hugged that guy like I’d never hugged before. As I was a few beers in, my public speaking fears had miraculously disappeared. My opponents name was Matt, no Jack, maybe Ben. Never mind, it’s not vital to the story. Our challenge: catch a floating Bingo ball using only our mouths. Our prize: an umbrella with neon lights in it. As I said, I was a few beers in so I was trash talking Jim, no Tom, no it was definitely Joel, pretty hard. I thought I had won, but apparently it doesn’t count if the Bingo ball drops and you pick it up from there. I walked off stage gracefully after my loss but the hilarious thing was that as I walked through the crowd and even throughout the night people were telling me how I should have won. They were saying ‘you were robbed man’ and ‘you won, I saw it, wtf’ and my favourite ‘I wish you won, I loved your attitude’ HA.

photo 4

The night ended a bit abruptly and dramatically but we won’t get in to that. All I have to say is thank god for that sponsored Facebook ad, because I would have hated to miss this.

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