4 Month Wrap Up

New York, Travel

Wow so the time has been creeping past and we have been in New York for 4 months already! That just seems insane. I remember so clearly the days leading up to leaving for New York and it not seeming real. Now I’m living here like a local, and it still doesn’t seem real.


It’s so easy in this city to slot into a routine and become desensitised to where you are. This has definitely happened to me lately which made me hit a really low point. I make a conscious effort everyday now to look around me, appreciate where I am and take it all in. It’s easy to forget everything that I’ve done and accomplished. Because of that i’m doing a 4 month wrap up of major things, milestones and just the general awesomeness that has happened during that time.

Getting employed
I know this sounds silly and may seem like a small feat but after months of living the life of leisure aka unemployment, i’ll take this as a victory.

Jay Z live in Brooklyn
As a big Jay Z fan i would have been ecstatic seeing him live anywhere to be honest. But seeing him perform in his hometown, at the building he helped create was just incredible. The crowd knew every single world to every single song. These were his people.

Meeting amazing people
When we first arrived in New York we stayed with two random guys through Air Bnb. These two random guys have turned out to be my two very good friends, Matt and Rick. Some of my favourite times in New York have been with them.


Riding the Subway
The best entertainment is free in this city and it’s down in the subway. Whether it be a performer at a subway station or a a group break dancing and pole dancing up and down the subway cart. I just love it. I don’t see using the subway as a chore at all, it’s the best place to see New York’s finest.

Seeing Jimmy Fallon rehearse for Saturday Night Live
Again, this probably doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But for me, this made my life. I’m a nerd when it comes to SNL, i’m just all about it. So when Will and I went on an NBC tour at Rockefeller Center and saw Jimmy Fallon rehearsing for SNL and he waved at us…..needless to say, I lost my shit.

The Secret Life of NYC
New York has something for everyone, giving you the ability to be whoever the hell you want. It was my mission upon coming here to see as much of this city as i possibly can. I want to see the gritty little details, the good, the bad, the fabulous and the just straight up insane. I’ve come across amazing events like Rebel Bingo, Sleep No More, found amazing stores and hidden treasures in the nooks and crannies of this thriving metropolis. That’s what i love most about New York. The secrets.


Surviving 4 months in the toughest city on Earth

I think that’s a pretty big achievement in itself. This city either makes you or breaks you. I haven’t made it yet, but i haven’t been broken either. Yet.

I’ve been able to find a job by myself, survive while living with a crazy American, thankfully leave the place where I was living with a crazy American, challenge myself, learn about myself and figure this whole travel thing out pretty well. Things can only get better, right?



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