Impromtu Friday Night

New York, Tattoos, Travel

Firstly I would like to thank you all for the positive feedback of this blog. It means a lot that you actually enjoy reading what I have to say and find what I’m up to interesting!

Now, on to the night that quickly escalated from “Hey, wanna get a quick after work drink?” to “Hey, wanna get tattoos?!”


My day job has been a wee bit hellish lately. Incredibly busy and struggling to find my place there. It’s a rude awakening when something that has been your dream for so long and turns out to not be such a glamorous reality. At the end of a crazy Friday and an equally crazy week, I was in need of drink. Luckily, I can always count on Jackie to join me. Must be those Taranaki genes. After Yelping multiple dive bars – my favourite kind of bar, we decided on Blue Ruin. Heaven may be overstating Blue Ruin, but it was the perfect combination of cheap beer, an amazing happy hour, hot bar maids and A LOT of Black Sabbath. This particular night of drinking ended up costing me a mere $10 at maximum. THAT ladies and gentleman is why I love America. In New Zealand, $10 would get you one drink, just.

So as the PBR’s kept flowing, the ideas they were a comin’! First, photo booth photos were a must. I am an avid lover of the photo booth. For years I have been trying to convince Will to take photo booth photos with me. Because you guys, how cute would that be? Right? But no. Even though there is a Will, there is no way. Again, Jackie saves the day and jumps at the chance. That Forever 21 photo booth didn’t know what hit them. See my finest moments below.


A few more PBR’s, this time at Jimmy’s Corner. By now, I had text Willem saying “I’m not coming home tonight”. A good indication of where the night was heading. After discussing our love of all things Miley and deciding we were totally going to see her when she comes to New York, I came up with the next turn for the night. Tattoos! Did I mention that I love Jackie? Because again she is the only person that would be game to do this with me. Good on ya mate!

Tattoos (5)

Tattoo 1

Tattoo (6)

Tattoos (3)

Time to brainstorm and refuel. We needed a taste of home so Dub Pies it was. If you haven’t heard of Dub Pies, it is a New Zealand and Australian meat pie shop located in Greenwich Village. Good to know when ya feeling homesick! After pretty much swallowing a chicken vegetable pie whole, it was time to get to work. We both knew we wanted to get New York tattoos and represent our time in Brooklyn. We chose zip codes to do this. My zip code is the first and favourite place we have stayed which was in Bed Stuy with Matt and Rick. Thankfully Jackie is extremely talented and drew up the below. Done with our own handwriting. Before you say it – yes I am extremely pale.

Those crazy New York nights, you just can’t beat ’em…

Tattoos (4)

Willem was relieved that I did eventually come home and with my “prison tatt” as he lovingly put it. 11233 FOR LIFE!


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