Under The Sea Housewarming

New York

Long time no see you guys!

Not to sound like an old woman but..boy, do i have a lot to tell you! One adventure at a time – so let’s start at the beginning.

As I have mentioned we moved into a new apartment about a month ago. When we first moved in we didn’t have a couch or any living room furniture pretty much. This meant we had no communal living space to hang out or bond in and just hung out in our rooms like hermit crabs. Which is who i am at heart, but that’s beside the point. My roommate Jen managed to find an awesome deal on craigslist recently where a girl was giving away the majority of her belongings as she was moving in with her boyfriend. That sentence right there is a whole other feminist conversation i could delve in to. Another time, perhaps. Basically, what that all means is that we now have living room furniture – rejoice! This was cause to celebrate. Bring on drinking, friends, new friends and of course an under the sea theme.

Party 5

The theme was decided upon after a drunken night involving Pictionary. Promises were made, kept and executed marvelously. We nailed the theme. Goldfish snacks, candy, blue punch, blue streamers, green fish netting, sea weed, blue jello shots. After writing that i think the theme may have just been blue…

We made a under the sea themed photo booth wall which provided for some hilarious photos. We even had props – bubbles, a pirate hat and giant hipster glasses. The hipster glasses were a little off theme for under the sea, but very on-theme for the photo booth.




photo 2

Props to Harriet, Tania and Jordan who I jokingly told dress up was mandatory and came as a tribe of Spongebob Squarepant’s. When no one else was dressed up. Yep. Major props. It was amazing.


photo 4

House 4

I made fruit punch and called it Kiwi Paradise – it was a big hit. But also was the result of a lot of drunk American’s and Kiwi’s. I win!

Party 3




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