Fourth of July

New York, Travel

Well it is certainly getting hot here in NYC! Today we had a scorcher of 32 degrees. Urgh, it was disgusting. This pasty lady is not meant for sweltering heat. We celebrated Independence Day here in ‘Murica and it was fabulous. My favourite holiday I’ve celebrated here so far. Most New Yorkers leave the city for the long weekend so we made the most of the quiet streets and no lines for restaurants. Ironically my day was spent surrounded by Kiwis rather than Americans. But what a great bunch of Kiwis they are. photo1 The festivities began at The Essex in Lower East Side for a boozy bunch. It was delicious, food always puts me in a good mood. Lots of laughs and mimosas later we were on the move but the rain stopped us in our tracks and ruined the fun outdoor activities we had planned. Never fear though, off to Brooklyn it was for Cranium and shelter! Our kiwi clan spent the afternoon drinking beer, playing games and eating pizza, so we got a little bit of American tradition in! photo1 We finally got the weather on our side and the clouds began to clear. Each year New York has an incredible fireworks display for the fourth of July. Usually in the Hudson River but this year they were in the East River which is between Manhattan and Brooklyn. Lucky for us we have a rooftop that gets sprawling views of the city, so once the sun came out we hiked up 6 flights of stairs to finish the night off on the roof.





It was a splendid day, with splendid people in a splendid city. I bet the word splendid sounds funny to you now.

10474866_10154331551510384_8047486564116207590_nPhotos thanks to Vinesh K Photography

Oh and in case you missed it – I got published on Click below to check out my piece “The Pros and Cons of Having Bangs”. HelloGiggles Until next time, friends.. X


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