Falling In Love All Over Again

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As you guys know and as I have well vocalised, New York City and I have had a turbulent relationship. A love hate kind if you will. One day she’ll surprise me with a gorgeous street and phenomenal busker at my subway stop. The next she’ll charge me $200+ for a 10 minute doctors appointment and fill that same subway stop with the stench of urine. Then I’ll threaten to leave, pack my bags and head for the door and she’ll quickly change my mind by reminding me why I fell in love with her in the first place. Classic us.

photo (5)

After going through a tough couple of weeks and battling incredible homesickness, my love for this crazy city is alive again. I have been spending my weekends wandering aimlessly through tree shaded streets, deciding at the last moment whether am I am going to turn left or right. It may sound like a simple decision but each ways takes you down a completely different path and tells a completely different story.

I’ve been exploring Greenwich Village frequently, reliving the once musical hub of the 60s. It was on these very streets that Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix rose to fame. Both finding their start at Café Wha on MacDougal St. Bob Dylan’s famous The Freewheelin’ album cover was shot very close by on the corner on Jones and W 4th. The history of artists in this place is incredible and I can’t help let my mind wander, imagining what it was like to be in the city during those times and wonder if they knew history was being made. The streets in The Village make my heart jump, it’s these kinds of streets that began my love affair with NYC. If only Manhattan real estate wasn’t so ridiculous.

photo 1

I’ve been exploring The Upper East Side and The Upper West Side, the area of the rich and the even richer. All the way uptown, roughly 80 blocks from Greenwich is the home of Central Park, Gossip Girl and some of the richest people. The perk for me of exploring these areas was getting to see The Dakota apartments. It was here that John Lennon lived with Yoko Ono and owned a mere 5 apartments. I should state that the cheapest apartment going at The Dakota today is about $7million. God damn Manhattan real estate. It was also here where John Lennon was walking home from recording and was shot dead. Again, I can’t help but let my mind wander. From here I strolled over to The Carlyle Hotel. The reason I went here is because a lady I loved lived here for years, a lady who lunched – Elaine Stritch. A Broadway brassy broad and 30 Rock star, she was the last of her kind, the essense of New York glamour and recently passed away. The Carlyle was also made famous by Woody Allen who featured it in his classic film “Manhattan” and apparently performs there from time to time. To carry on with this exploration of the rich and famous, it was on to 740 Park Avenue. This address is notable because it has had a documentary and book made about it. Why I hear you asking? It is considered to be one of the most luxurious and powerful housing complexes in New York. It houses CEOS, heiress’s, novelists, fashion designers and other ridiculously rich people. If you get a chance definitely watch the documentary, not because of the rich people and their glamorous lifestyles but because the way they treat others and think they are above everyone else. It’s fascinating watching.

The Dakota

The Dakota

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photo 3

I’ve been exploring 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Well as much as they’ll let me. Will and I got tickets to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon which was pure fluke and determination. We are HUGE fans of the show so it was such an amazing thing to be able to tick seeing it live off our list. His guests were Heidi Klum, Ethan Hawke, Mike Birbiglia and Temples. We were second row which meant we got the perfect view of Jimmy when he came out and did his monologue. He interacted with the crowd heaps and it just proves what I already thought which is that he is the most genuine, down to earth celeb around.

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So there you have it, for now me and this fierce being that is New York City are on good terms. But soon, it will be time for the next adventure. I better make the most of it.

Until next time friends..


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