Red Hook – The Lyttelton of New York.

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From 2009 – 2011 I lived in Christchurch, New Zealand. This was pre earthquake. There was and still is something very special about Christchurch. It’s got that small town feel in a big city, well big for New Zealand. While I lived there my favorite place to visit was Lyttelton which is 20 minutes drive from the center of Christchurch. It’s the main port into Canterbury and the township has developed substansially over the years. It has amazing views over the water, cute coffee shops, bars and art stores. I still say it is where I want to retire.


While exploring Brooklyn on my bike I came across the area of Red Hook in Brooklyn. It was love at first site. A small town by the sea? What more could you want. It took me straight back to Lyttelton. Red Hook is filled with parks, coffee shops, books stores and more, it was heaven just wandering the tree lined streets. The hipsters haven’t found it yet so it’s still got those authentic trendy vibes.

Thug poses in Red Hook

Thug poses in Red Hook

Today while walking around Will and I visited the art store Foxy and Winston which plays to the nautical theme of Red Hook, Papillionaire Bicycles which has many of my dream bikes and bike accessories and Kempton & Co which had gorgeous Brooklyn inspired jewelry.

photo 3

photo 1

For lunch we stopped by Red Hook Lobster Pound. It seemed silly to be in a town right by the sea and not test the fresh food on offer. Well, this place did not disappoint. Will and I both got Lobster BLT’s which was lobster tossed in chipotle mayo with thick cut bacon + ‘fixings’ as they put it. It was absolutely delicious. So much taste in such a little space.

photo 2

photo 1

photo 5

We rode home around the water line and got great views of Ms. Liberty. Another great Sunday in sunny NYC.

photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

Until next time friends..


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