Governor’s Island

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Hey Y’all and Happy Labour Day! Do you say that on Labour Day? I’m not sure. Anyway, here in America it is Labour Weekend which is considered the ‘official end of summer’. It does not look like those sticky 31 degrees celsius days are going away anytime soon though. Will and I kicked off our long weekend with a day at Governor’s Island. Governor’s Island is open everyday May 24 through September 28. New York City is surrounded by little islands that come alive during the summer months. Governor’s Island can be found between Brooklyn and the southern tip of Manhattan. 172 acres in size, this island has a vivid history. After having a variety of names, the current name derives from the British Colonial era when the island was reserved for New York royal governors. From being an army base, a prison to being run by the Coast Guard, Governor’s Island is rich in culture.


Getting to Governor’s Island couldn’t be easier. You can catch the ferry from both lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge Park, both only taking 10 minutes. On Saturdays and Sundays, the 10AM, 11AM and 11.30AM ferries are free from Manhattan as well as the 11AM and 11,30AM ferries from Brooklyn. All other times it is just a $2 return fare. For all you cyclists, the island encourages you to bring your bike. Bikers are welcomed onto the Ferry first and there are great bike tracks spanning the island. Wherever you walk or cycle on the island you are met with breathtaking views of Lower Manhattan and The Statue of Liberty.


Many buildings remain on Governor’s Island like Castle Williams which has been restored for the viewing pleasure of the public. The island is now home to many parks, food trucks, art shows and festivals such as the Unicycle Festival and the Vintage VW Car Show which were both on this weekend.


Model of Castle Williams on display in the centre of the castle

Model of Castle Williams on display in the centre of the castle


If you don’t feel like partaking in the events, there are plenty of spaces to just sit and relax. Bring a book, a blanket and find a quiet spot somewhere on the grass or in one the red hammocks. That’s right, Governor’s Island has hammocks for you to swing in. A number of them too. We only had to wait a few minutes for some kids to finish up playing on them and then we were left in peace to imagine we were in the Bahamas.



For those of you who are wanting to feel that Bahamas vibe, head to Gov’ners Beach Club. A man made beach overlooking the city. They have a volleyball court, table tennis, fooseball and most importantly a bar. The perfect place to hang out in the sand without having to hike out to the beach.


If you get the chance, Governor’s Island is worth the visit. My calf muscles are definitely in better shape from the cycling. So that’s always a good thing.

Until next time friends..


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