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Well Summer has ended and Fall is approaching. Personally, I can not wait for Fall. It’s my all time favorite season. The colors, the temperature, the layers of clothing. To me, it is perfection. The temperature is being as stubborn as ever here in New York City and refusing to drop. While I write this from a lovely, air conditioned coffee shop in Brooklyn, it is a sweltering 33 degree celsius outside. Time to quit my complaining though, because before I know it i’ll be back in the snow having to deal with -17 degree celsius days. Just calm down aye New York? I can’t deal with your extreme mood swings.

To try and make the most of these last warm days Will and I decided to tick something off our New York list that we had been meaning to do all Summer. In Central Park there is a large lake where you can hire boats and row yourself round. For a tourist attraction it was surprisingly affordable. You pay $15 for 1 hour + a $20 deposit and then $3 every 15 minutes after the first hour. It ended up costing us $21 in total, which is unheard of for a tourist spot in this city. Rowing around the lake was amazing, although we both got quite sunburnt the views of the gorgeous buildings on the Upper West Side made up for it. Will did most of rowing while I was appointed photographer. I did get to do a little of the rowing and to my own surprise did not make us crash into anything, kill anything or tip us out of the boat. I take that as a huge success!



It was like a scene out of The Notebook you guys…except there were a lot more people, a lot more sweat because it 30 degrees and a lot more turtles. Ok so it was nothing like The Notebook but let me get back to the turtles. While you row around the lake you can spot turtles swimming all around you, their lil heads poking out every now and again. If you are looking to get up close and personal with these lil guys, row to the outer edges of the lake and you can find them sleeping on bits of trees floating in the water. There is even a part of Central Park dedicated to looking at the turtles called Turtle Pond. Turtles aren’t the only animals making the lake their home. We were surrounded by Geese as we rowed around. They were really getting amongst the action and would float along beside you.


You could definitely get around the whole lake in an hour but if you are looking not to rush and just take your time it’s good to know it’s not going to cost you and arm and a leg. We saw one couple who had planned ahead to have a great time on the water. They had bought a bottle of wine, some lunch and just parked their boat in the middle of the lake to enjoy the view in style. Genius.



This is one of the tourist attractions that you have to do in New York City if you visit in the summer. It’s something a little different and a little more peaceful than getting shoved around in Time Square.


Until next time friends…


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