About Me

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My name is Stephanie Mitchell, welcome! I am from Stratford, New Zealand, a small town on the west coast which I love dearly. It has a beautiful mountain, laid back lifestyle and home of the greatest people I have ever met. But as I mentioned, it is small and I outgrew it. I needed to spread my wings and bust out of the cocoon, so to speak. My wings took me to different parts of NZ, then to Australia and now they have landed me in New York City. This blog details my adventures and mishaps along my travels.

I share what I’ve been up to in different places, incredible people I have met, give info for you to see cities like a local and share hidden treasures that I have stumbled across. I’ve written about my time for the likes of HelloGiggles and Massive Magazine.

I have always gone against the grain without realising. This can be traced right back to my childhood years when all the girls in my class liked Baby Spice but I leaned towards to Scary Spice because of an early love of leopard print. Rather than listening to society’s expectations or rules I have gone my own way and continue to discover my own path. Through travel, reading, trial and error I am learning about the world and myself.

Come along for the ride and hopefully I can inspire you to bust out of your cocoon too.

If you are a new reader feel free to start with some of my popular posts

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